Viral Video Shows Chiefs OL May Have Tipped Play Calls to Lions Defense

Jawaan Taylor of the Kansas City Chiefs created controversy in the season opener against the Detroit Lions by getting an early jump on numerous plays and

positioning up deep in what rules experts thought was an improper alignment. However, a new film reveals that Taylor's early jumps may have aided the Lions by

giving them a preview of what plays were to come in what turned out to be a 21-20 Lions victory on September 7. 

Taylor may have been predicting whether the Chiefs would run or pass based on where he was lined up, according to a video compilation provided by the sports website Jomboy Media.

Taylor had a different stance depending on whether the Chiefs ordered a run or a pass, according to the video, which was originally shared on Twitter by user Justin Penik.

Taylor's right foot took a wider stance while the Chiefs were passing and a narrower and more still stance when the Chiefs were rushing.

Taylor appeared to be play-tipping, according to Charles Curtis of USA Today's For The Win, and the Chiefs will likely need to fix the issue before the next game.

"It was a pass if he was in a wide stance with his hand in the dirt and his back foot tapped." What if he took a three-point stance and was less spread out?

"He was getting ready to block a run," Curtis wrote. "Whoops. The Chiefs' coaching staff will show him that on tape before their next game."

The Lions held the Chiefs offense primarily in check, with Patrick Mahomes completing 21-of-39 passes for 226 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception,


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