Where is John Wick Streaming? How to watch all four chapter

The ever-popular John Wick series follows the titular hitman as he comes out of retirement to exact revenge on those who attacked his home and killed his beloved pet.

After debuting in theaters in March, John Wick Chapter 4 was released on VOD in May. Wick is now making its way to Starz as well.  

Do you want to watch the series but don't know where to begin? 

Perhaps you saw the first three but need a refresher. Where can I watch John Wick right now? We'll take a brief peek below.

If you already have a cable subscription, you may presently watch John Wick Chapters 1–3 for free on the NBC app 

All you need is your cable login information. Do you lack regular cable? This includes a few well-known internet-based cable services, such as YouTube TV.

Another option for watching John Wick is the popular Peacock streaming service. Unfortunately, 

the most recent chapter is not yet available, however it will be available on the platform in about 18 months.


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