Which Dog Breed Is Best for Your Zodiac Sign? A new report reveals the solution.

Rover released a new survey on America's most popular dog breeds, which is intriguing. The pet sitting site organized popularity by owner location

The faithful mutt is the most common dog breed, with 60% of dog owners owning a mixed breed. The top eight include Labrador retriever, Goldendoodle, golden retriever

The poll also examined pet parents' astrology signs. Taurus and Virgo pet parents choose cats, whereas Libra and Cancer prefer dogs. Aquarius and Virgo usually have both

The analysis also identified each zodiac sign's most popular dog. The mixed breed dog topped every category again, but here are the most preferred purebred dogs for each sign.

Could opposites attract? The calm American Bulldog is the most popular breed for adventurous Aries.

The high-energy chihuahua suits the patient, gentle, and determined Taurus.

American Pit Bull Terrier and German Shepherd Gemini

A loving, loyal Virgo will discover their best buddy in a greedy golden retriever.


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