Yellowstone tourist gets near to bison: ‘Got what he was asking for’

Few sites in the world are more beautiful than Yellowstone National Park, which has 2.2 million acres to explore.

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When visiting, be in mind that you're also entering the territory of a variety of wild species, including elk, bears, and wolves.

One visitor came too near to a wild bison, and it didn't end good for them.

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An image released on the TouronsOfYellowstone Instagram account shows a poor soul pinned beneath the head of a very upset bison. 

" What a moron. "He got what he wanted up close and personal," one user commented.

 According to the National Park Service's website, bison cause more animal-related injuries than any other species in Yellowstone Park. 

Because animals can run three times faster than humans, it's best to keep at least 75 feet away from them at all times.

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If this specific tourist had read the park's rules and guidelines, as suggested by the commenter, they would have realized that approaching a bison


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