'Yellowstone' viewers don't care if Kevin Costner stays on the show

Kevin Costner may be desperate to return to "Yellowstone," but many fans simply don't care as much about the Dutton clan's leader as they did five years ago.

In May, it was announced that "Yellowstone" would cease with season 5. Costner and "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan both stated that his resignation was due to scheduling conflicts.

Costner is currently filming "Horizon: An American Saga" and recently stated that Sheridan's decision to split season five into two parts was the reason he quit.

However, according to Puck, Costner, who is also going through a public divorce with wife Christine Baumgartner, is pressing on returning to the hit show.

Puck stated that when he met with Sheridan in July to discuss his prospective comeback, the actor made several demands, including a higher salary and greater control over scripts. According to Puck News, Sheridan was not pleased with the demands.

Costner previously stated in a divorce court petition that he was supposed to receive "back-end contractual participation rights" for the show, but that "so far in 2023 I have yet to receive any participation compensation from 'Yellowstone.'"

According to unnamed sources, Costner has already been paid for season 5B, but he claims Paramount is in breach of contract because it cancelled the return offer for future seasons.

According to Puck, Costner's threat to sue caused Chris McCarthy, CEO of Paramount Networks Media Networks, to abandon the assumption that Costner would return and negotiate a return.

Costner representatives did not immediately react to an inquiry from Insider delivered after regular business hours.

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