Yellowstone's CBS premiere draws millions of viewers, a 132% increase over its initial debut.

Yellowstone's network launch attracted millions of viewers, vastly outnumbering its original cable debut. 

Yellowstone was added to CBS's autumn schedule in July after airing on the Paramount Network since its premiere in 2018.

This was part of the network's response to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which have forced multiple programs to be delayed or paused; 

to cover the gaps left by struck productions, CBS brought Yellowstone to broadcast television.

Yellowstone's CBS premiere was a resounding triumph. According to The Wrap, the Yellowstone pilot received 6.56 million views on Sunday evening.

Because this statistic does not include out-of-home viewing, the network anticipates that it will grow to 6.82 million views by the end of this week.

The show's watching figures for Yellowstone are astounding. These figures show a 132% increase in viewership over Yellowstone season 1's premiere on Paramount Network. 

To make matters even more astounding, Yellowstone drew the greatest audience for a scripted series since the NCIS season 20 finale in May. 

Yellowstone has proven its staying power with the CBS launch by setting these records before the out-of-home totals.

Yellowstone's success is especially noteworthy given how the show has been impacted by the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. 


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